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16 April 2009
The Legends meet Sargon Gabriel & Linda George in Australia!!! Linda was moved when her fans showed so much emotion when she sang her love songs and She danced when the crowd jumped on Kooma O'Khwara, Doushi, & NanaNahrain...!! Then Fans follow her like paparazzi to her car where Linda stated "NO More photos! It's time to go and have my cup of tea!!" Humbly the last day of her super exhausting weekend, she makes time to meet with the youth group of the Assyrian Church of the East in Sydney. She stated that she is utterly blessed to have Faith and power in her voice. She concluded the youth meeting with the oldest Hymn in the Christian history “Immar Lee Idta,” as she leaves with more blessings on her shoulder from the Raban Hurmiz...

13 February 2009
Sings for Valentine's and Beyond
Starting In Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand & France!
22 December 2008
LG Wishes You a Blessed Christmas and a Healthy New Year!

And to all of you beloved fans, Linda is dedicating her new song, titled "Sheta Khadta, Aam Jaded, New Year". Her new song may be found at AmazonMp3, iTunes, Napstar, EMusic, Rhapsody, Groupie Tunes, and Shockhound. Also, you can watch her new video and all other videos on Assur Entertainment Inc./YouTube.
Hoping for a better and peaceful world.

25 October 2008
LG LIVE On Suroyo T. V for three days!

After her sold-out show In Toronto with the Legendary Sargon Gabriel, standing ovation in the dinner of the Patriarch in Chicago, and her appearance for Flamingo Vodka, she gathers her energy for three consecutive days on Suroyo TV !!! She will Talk on November 6th, Cook on the 7th, and Sing on the 8th!
24 January 2008
Linda takes off for her big European "Doushi" tour. For tour tickets and info in Sweden and Norway, please contact Laith & Janan Entertainment @ +46733323833, Albert Odisho @ +46 707232521.
24 December 2007
Linda wishes you a very blessed Christmas, Holidays & very prosperous & healthy 2008!

Her angelic charisma raised funds for the needy in Iraq on AssyriaSat, her golden voice sold out a Christmas show on the 19th of December at AACC of Turlock, CA. USA, along with her fans loving her new album "Dawshi", she is still energized to sing in three more shows to end 2007.

From all of us here at the LG team, we wish you the happiest season, and thank you for your continuous support. May God bless you all.
27 August 2007
Linda mesmerizes her fans in Tehran & Urmia, as she was mesmerized by their genuine hospitality & the beauty of the country.

So after 30 years of the forbidden female voice can sing in the mountains of Iran, Linda was welcomed as the 1st female Assyrian star for all the Assyrians in Iran.

Linda arrived in Tehran early morning on July 23rd along with her band members. She was officially greeted by Islamic Republic of Iran official and Hon.Yonathan Betkolia, Assyrian Representative in Iranian Parliament secretary, Chapter of Asia, Iran.

31 March 2007
After so many sold out shows, Linda gets ready for her Spring Tour, so check out the dates and nearest location for your convenience at so you wont be on the stand-by list.
27 November 2006
Viva to Linda George as she sings another historical song....
The most patriotic Assyrian name in the entertainment world sings for The Patriarch of the Assyrian Church, Mar Dinkha the IV of the East, on his 30th anniversary of the consecration! As she had millions of viewers mesmerized by her voice, looks, and her magical charisma hooked up on Ishtar T.V with three shows in North of Iraq.
She will be watched again singing this historical song LIVE on AssyriaSat / Friday November 24th, 2006 @8:00 p.m pacific time/11:00 p.m ET/4:00 a.m GMT.
This historical song "Bahra D'Zowna" has been produced by the very known producer, Ashur Baba, and the lyrics were written by, Fahed Isaac, for the Golden voice of Linda, to make another immortal song after "Ana Hurra" last year.
We thank you kindly for all the fascinating emails we are recieveing from you devoted fans who are Assyrians and non Assyrians. Which confirms that many of you had loved her voice without understanding one word she sang, especially the Hymn of her Christmas album, "Shabakh L'Marya" and to know of the language she has been singing since the age of five in church, is the the Biblical language.
To obtain a copy of this CD that features the song of "Bahra D'Zowna" please contact
28 June 2005
Linda goes on the front cover of the elite Arab celebrity home page based in Cairo, for the second time. Please check her collection of fotos on
31 May 2005
The legendary Assyrian name is going beyond the Assyrian world for more legendary titles. Linda stated in her last interview with the Reuters TV that she wants to be the next Celine Dion and she is determined to take her big vision to Vegas in a mesmerizing show that will be a melting pot for the Eastern and Western world, in one big voice for Love, Peace & Unity...

Linda began her spring tour in Sweden and ended in LA last week visiting 15 destinations. Linda was very pleased to have met the French director of the documentary film "The Last Assyrians" Mr. Robert Alaux, whose film is complete with the scene where Linda is singing in the North of Iraq right before the end of the last regime. Also she had spent more than a meeting day with her friend of many years, the owner of the Beverly Hills film festival Mr. Nino Simon, to discuss future plans for the 3rd video clip that could be shot in the middle East while Linda is on tour this summer.

The last day at the Beverly Hilton, Linda was interviewed by Reuters TV for being the first female controversial artist of the New Iraq.
31 May 2005
Please log on to the following websites for news & articles on LG.

09 February 2005
To view the video clip "Ana Hurra" log on to
22 January 2005
Starting January 23, 2005 Ashur TV will be showing a clip from Linda's new video of her song for the free Iraq called "Ana Hurra" or "I'm free". In a week time the song will be televised in most of the Arabic network/stations.
22 January 2005
The dance song "Hulla Hulla" is being aired on Delta radio station in Beirut, Lebanon. If you live outside of Lebanon, you can still enjoy listening to and requesting the song at
22 January 2005
The maxi single "Ana Hurra" will be released on St. Valentine's Day Show in Toronto on February 12th, 2005, sponsored by the AAS of Canada. For further details and the CD distribution log on to
16 December 2004
January, 15th, 2005, sponsored by the Assyrian Chaldean Association of
France, Paris, France.
15 December 2004
New Year's Eve show sponsored by the Assyrian Media at the Rosemont
Convention Center, Rosemont, IL.
13 December 2004
Christmas Eve, special appearance at Saint George Parish, Modesto Ca.
Christmas night fund raising show for Saint George parish, at Yosemiete
Hall, Modesto, Ca.
27 October 2004
All preparation will be based on 10 hours work on a daily basis in Arizona. Linda will start the actual shooting on December 14th, until Christmas which Linda and her management and some of the crew will celebrate at home in Modesto where she resides.
23 October 2004
November activities will be strictly 12 hours preproduction meetings and rehearsal for the up coming 2 Videos of "Ana Hurra" & "Hulla Hulla." in Phoenix, Arizona. Producers of "Ana Hurra" video are James Darmo & Dali Sabih. Executive producer is Mathew Earl Jones. Directed by Dali Sabih. "Hulla Hulla" video is produced by Strategic Records and directed by Faiz Hagoub. Executive producers are Mathew Earl Jones and James Darmo.
19 October 2004
Linda has finished recording her new arabic single " Ana Hurra" in Beirout at Elias Rahbani's studios .. this song is written by an Iraqi poet Mohamad Al Jorani and is about Iraqi Freedom and the music is written by Linda. With this song Linda will be introducing a new style in arabic songs. She will start working on the music video for this song in November and December of this year and the video will be released in January of 2005.
19 October 2004
Linda will be in Beirut the last week of October to work on two other arabic songs. The first is "Khalletni A3eesh" written by Shimmon Keena and the other one is " Halla Halla", lyrics written by George Baghdady, the music for both is written by Linda George. After finishing recording Linda will start working on the music video for Khalletni A3eesh and the song will be aired on the main arabic sattellite channel. The producer of the Arabic CD is Micho Kiwarkis.
30 April 2004
Linda George will be working in Germany on the vocal tracks for her Maxi single in Arabic titled "Ana Hurra" (I'm free!). The music was recorded earlier in Turkey and the CD will be finished in Beirut, Lebanon.
06 April 2004
In May, Linda George will begin shooting her video for the smash hit, "Seepar", from her latest album, Silence of the Valley.

The video is produced by Strategic Entertainment, a Chicago-based enterprise.

The music of love, peace, and unity
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